Hi victims and another person! My name is Eloïse.
I am 19 years old. I live in Belgium.
but it is not important the important thing is:
the Killers, Florence And The Machine, Supernatural, and other peoples!

concert viewed:
-Lady GaGa, 22 november 2010 in Monster Ball at Anvers/Antwerp.
-Imagine Dragons, 2 may 2013 at Ancienne Belgique.
-The Killers, 17 jun 2013 at Forest National in belgium.

Rock Werchter 2011:
-Linkin Park.
-Queens of the Stone Age.
-The Hives.
Rock Werchter 2012:
-Mumford and Sons.
-The XX.
Rock Werchter 2013
-Depeche Mode.
-30 Seconds To Mars.
-Jake Bugg.



it’s got to be point where I can’t keep track of which photos of george fest I have already reblogged so I’m sitting here in an endless loop sobbing

(Source : sunsets-and-neonlights)




What if right before Bucky walked away in this part of The Winter Soldier



he whispered to Steve 


what if you just shut the fuck up


me : “I love Oswald so much”

Mom: “He’s ugly and an asshole”.